Interview with a Gardener | Lesley Crowden

Trilliums under the cherry with Chloe

Kaydale Lodge Gardens is where Lesley Crowden grew up and discovered her love for gardening. It has been her family’s obsession for over 30 years. Over this time, a magnificent garden has been created and nurtured. We were fortunate enough to receive a gorgeous book from Lesley that documents the history of Kaydale Lodge Gardens. […]

Adventures in Gardening | Permaculture Learning

ceylon spinach under seat

Permaculture has always interested me. Bill Mollison (one of the founders of permaculture) gives this definition ‘Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems. It is the harmonious integration of landscape and people providing their food, energy, shelter, and other […]

How to Get your Kids Outdoors

akasha with heart shaped leaf 1200

My boy, Jarrah, loves playing computer games. Sometimes, I have to remind him to get outside and play! We are in the middle of summer school holidays so there is a lot of free time. When I was younger, I loved school holidays. The adventures I’d have during those carefree days were very memorable. Technology […]

Veggie Patch Ramblings | December

veggie patch climbing bean plant

Woohoo! In early December we had summer storms most afternoons for almost a week. The day would start with that sticky humidity that continued building until late afternoon where it would break and all that lovely rain would fall. It was quite heavy at times and I had wished that I had set up the […]

Reflecting on 2014

enjoy the little things 600

Every year I feel the wheel of time spins faster – and every time I mention that to a particular friend of mine, he responds with, ‘time is the same as always.’ Well, the speed at which this year passed amazed me. Maybe it just depends on one’s perspective! It has been a big year, […]

Food Glorious Food | Simple Summer recipes

simpe cummer recipes coriander salsa peachy

Summer means hot, humid days here. The type of days where the mugginess really zaps your energy. I like to keep cooking simple on these days, because who wants to be in a hot kitchen on days like these? We had an abundance of tomatoes in the garden a month ago. I had made the […]

What travels 16,531 kilometers?

truck delivering haws

Why our Bulldog Tools and Haws Watering Cans! We had our orders of Bulldog tools and Haws watering cans arrive in November from the UK. We have also had our new catalogue mailout as well as Christmas orders, so the last few weeks have been super busy packing tools and watering cans. I have been […]

Veggie Patch Ramblings | November

kids holding carrots

The muggy heat has arrived in my part of the world with an intensity that makes it difficult to believe that we get zero degree nights here. It has made gardening during the day not so fun – and because we are super busy in the office this time of year, time is limited as […]

Adventures in Gardening


It has been super busy here in the Gardenware office. I’m grateful that when it gets hectic, I open the door and take five minutes out in my garden. This is one of the advantages about working from home… When the going gets tough, I like to go out and enjoy the native frangipani (Hymenosporum […]

How Gardenware fell in love with Bulldog Tools


In 2002, I fell in love with a business book by Paul Hawken called “Growing a Business.” Hawken  wrote the book in the 80’s and used his own business, Smith & Hawken, as an example of successful and sustainable business practices. Smith & Hawken started as a mail order tool catalogue, importing Bulldog solid forged […]