The Easy Guide to Fermentation

bowls of veggies for fermenting

The only experience I have had with fermented foods is the sauerkraut that gets put on top of a German sausage at the local markets. I love sauerkraut. My friend keeps telling me how easy it is to make this tangy cabbage condiment. Yes, it sounded easy, but I kept putting off the making of […]

Is Kale Over-Rated?

kale green juice

Read a food magazine or watch a cooking show and you are most likely to hear about Kale. It seems to be the big trend in vegetables over the last few years. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Kale – I ate it for the first time three years back when I decided to grow […]

Costa’s Visit to Open Amamoor School Kitchen Garden

costas visit

My kids go to an awesome primary school. It is a small country school and is surrounded by loads of green space. Some parents were passionate about creating a school kitchen garden. At the end of May, there was a working bee to get the kitchen garden established in its new space. The space was close to the undercover […]

Interview with a Gardener | Keith Gilbert

Kin Kin skool vege garden - the beginning, me,and the kids with a plan

Keith Gilbert started gardening late in life. But he has found his calling and now runs the Kin Kin State school garden and has a garden design business called, The Plot Thickens. (I just love that name!) Thanks Keith for sharing your garden story with us. First of all how would you describe your garden? […]

Finding Solace in the Garden


Life is not always a bed of roses. When I experience challenging situations that life throws at me, I find that my garden provides me with a place where I can escape for a little bit. Nature will always comfort me in times where I feel a bit ordinary. I saw this quote and it resonated with […]

Why Jade Plants are the Lucky Charm

jade plant 1

I went through a succulent plant phase. I was creating a potted plant area and thought succulents were tough and easy to grow. So I was on the lookout for succulents. They say that succulents are hard to kill but I have killed them before – yes, succulents require little water but little water does not […]

Marvellous Marigolds

marigolds 2

My garden has two clusters of marigold plants. These are loaded with delightful orange flowers. I can see these marigold flowers from my kitchen window. When I’m washing the dishes, I often take a little moment to check out these flowers. Their cheery nature always makes me happy. Random Marigolds These marigold plants weren’t planted in these […]