Food Glorious Food | Pears

pear tea cake

Cooler weather means cake eating season for me! It’s too warm in summer to use the oven. But as the weather turns chilly, using my oven to bake treats turns my kitchen into a toasty relaxing space. That delicious smell of baking also adds to that feeling of being content. One weekend I had a bag […]

Interview with a Gardener | Sally Osborne

garden bed 1

Sally Osborne’s garden is a place of joy. Somewhere to take the time to slow down and appreciate the simple pleasures in life. She also has written a book called Womanhood. It’s about love, encouragement, comfort eating, bad hair days, sponge cakes and children and everyday situations which women get into. Sally was lovely enough to send […]

Veggie Patch Ramblings | April

tarragon flowers

Gardeners love talking about the weather. I’m no different. It has been a dry month here in April but some good rainfall late March meant the soil had a good soaking. So in early April when I created my second no dig garden bed there was enough moisture in the soil.  I didn’t have to worry about soaking […]

Tidying the Compost Area

bottom of the compost pile

Tidy is a funny word to use in relation to compost but that’s what I decided to do. The area where I had been dumping my kitchen scraps was looking messy. All our scraps had been piling up in the back corner of my garden for almost two years. The fact that the pile wasn’t massive made […]

What has been Nibbling on the Fruit Trees?

Gala Granny Smith Red Delicious 600

It can be frustrating when there is a critter (or critters!) nibbling in your garden. If they only they chose to nibble the weeds instead of the fruit that is growing in the garden. But critters know what they like to eat as this entertaining story emailed in by Wendy Wallace from Kangaroo Island tells us. […]

Lessons from the Garden


Gardening is about learning for me. Being a relative newcomer, I don’t have decades of gardening experience. I research a lot, talk to other gardeners and try to put this into practice. What has been interesting for me is that the lessons aren’t all related to horticulture. The garden has been my teacher in surprising ways. Growing […]

Veggie Patch Ramblings | March

veggie patch nasturium seedling

March is the first month of Autumn. So they say! March in my part of the world is transition month. A month that still has high temperatures during the day, like summer but the night temperatures start to get cooler and some early mornings I wear long pants and a hoodie to go walking. No […]

Interview with a Gardener | Eleanor Young

ellie young garden

Eleanor Young has created a lush food forest using permaculture principles. Her love of permaculture has led her to run an ecourse based on these principles called Earth Mamas – Permaculture for Passionate Women.  Thanks Eleanor for sharing your story with us! First of all how would you describe your garden? (What do you grow? What […]

Billhooks and Hedge Laying

bill hooks hedge laying

Late last year Jeremy, from Creswick in Victoria, phoned the office to order one of our Half Turn Devon Billhooks.  He told me he was learning the art of hedge laying.  I must admit I thought hedge laying was something they did in days gone by, a part of history but not really relevant today.  […]