Veggie Patch Ramblings | February

veggie patch ramblings herb pots

February was an intense month weather wise. Tropical Cyclone Marcia paid a visit to the Queensland coast. This brought heavy rain and flooding our way. Flooding seems to happen here at least once a year.     The veggie plants in my patch haven’t been happy. What I have realised is the soil in my […]

What to do with a Bunya Nut Bounty?

akasha collecting bunya nuts

Bunya Nuts. I have never heard of them until I moved to a beautiful small town called Amamoor. There is state forest here just up the road. When we moved here, we explored the bush walks nearby. There is a bunya pine tree featured on the Amama walk. You can see the footholds that were […]

4 Garden Inspired Recipes

garden inspired recipe featured image

Carrots, Thyme, Pineapple Sage and Thai Basil. These lovelies have been growing in my garden so time to put them to use in my kitchen! So here are four garden inspired recipes. Marvellous Maple Carrots There were a few carrots left in my garden. I decided to make one of the kids’ favourite carrot dishes […]

What does an Edible Forest mean?

edible forest layers in an edible forest

An edible forest – sounds great. Every time I hear this term I think, “yeah, I would love to create an edible forest in my garden.” So what does an edible forest actually mean?  This question popped into my head as I was watering a part of my garden that I have some shade loving […]

Veggie Patch Ramblings | January

veggie patch thyme

January is the month that I use as a stepping stone for the rest of the year. Kids aren’t at school, office is quiet. This is the month that I started a garden journal and set goals for the year. Where I looked at my veggie patch and said “Sorry, I have neglected you.  The […]

Interview with a Gardener | Lesley Crowden

Trilliums under the cherry with Chloe

Kaydale Lodge Gardens is where Lesley Crowden grew up and discovered her love for gardening. It has been her family’s obsession for over 30 years. Over this time, a magnificent garden has been created and nurtured. We were fortunate enough to receive a gorgeous book from Lesley that documents the history of Kaydale Lodge Gardens. […]

Adventures in Gardening | Permaculture Learning

ceylon spinach under seat

Permaculture has always interested me. Bill Mollison (one of the founders of permaculture) gives this definition ‘Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems. It is the harmonious integration of landscape and people providing their food, energy, shelter, and other […]

How to Get your Kids Outdoors

akasha with heart shaped leaf 1200

My boy, Jarrah, loves playing computer games. Sometimes, I have to remind him to get outside and play! We are in the middle of summer school holidays so there is a lot of free time. When I was younger, I loved school holidays. The adventures I’d have during those carefree days were very memorable. Technology […]

Veggie Patch Ramblings | December

veggie patch climbing bean plant

Woohoo! In early December we had summer storms most afternoons for almost a week. The day would start with that sticky humidity that continued building until late afternoon where it would break and all that lovely rain would fall. It was quite heavy at times and I had wished that I had set up the […]

Reflecting on 2014

enjoy the little things 600

Every year I feel the wheel of time spins faster – and every time I mention that to a particular friend of mine, he responds with, ‘time is the same as always.’ Well, the speed at which this year passed amazed me. Maybe it just depends on one’s perspective! It has been a big year, […]